Definition of a methodology for the detection, evaluation and mapping of ecosystem services provided by urban soils, aimed to quantify costs and impacts caused by soil consumption and soil sealing, both in urban and rural areas.


Definition of urban regulations and implementation tools, applicable at municipal level, aimed to ensure the balance of “no net land take” in newly urbanized areas and support the urban regeneration.


Implementation of three de-sealing interventions as a compensation system model based on the exchange between urbanized surfaces and green space, to demonstrate both the technical and economical feasibility and transferability of the “framework on no net land take”.

Information system

Development of a local-scale Information System replicable at European level, for the monitoring and evaluation of land take and its impacts on the eco-system aimed to provide tools, methods and data to support policy-makers, favour technicians’ choices on territorial planning and improve the information transparency.

Adoption of new laws

Adoption of laws, rules and incentives at regional level to support the "no net land take" objective, ri-use or urban spaces and urban regeneration.

Promotion and replicability

Effective and large-scale promotion of knowledge and awareness about ecosystem services and the social and economic consequences of the processes of land take addressed to public authorities, businesses, schools, and citizenship and transfer of methodologies, procedures, tools and guided lines to other Italian and European policy-makers and local authorities.

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