Annual project meeting

The results of the first year of work of SOS4Life and the activities planned.

The annual meeting of SOS4Life was held on Thursday 28 September; an opportunity for all members of the technical staff working on project activities to come together and share the overall state of progress of work and lay the foundations for the activities being implemented. Hosted by the Municipality of Carpi, an SOS4Life partner, the meeting was held at Arturo Loria Auditorium and was attended by the city’s Mayor Alberto Bellelli and Environment Councillor Simone Tosi.

Over the next few months, work will focus on completing activities for measuring the impact of soil consumption and tools for defining the urban legislation necessary to control them and the start of de-sealing interventions envisaged on the territories of the three municipal partners.

Furthermore, information/training activities targeting schools will also be implemented and a travelling photography exhibition – which will take in the region’s 9 provincial capitals – will be organised focusing on land take and its impact on local ecosystems and the landscape.

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