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SOS4Life on Ecoscienza

SOS4Life to limit the consumption of soil The latest issue of Ecoscienza 2017, the bi-monthly magazine of Arpae Emilia-Romagna, was entirely dedicated to the challenges of sustainable development. SOS4Life contributed to the section dedicated to the theme “Urban regeneration and resilience, a new paradigm for cities and territories” with an article by Stefano Bazzocchi, Costanza […]


European projects aimed to protect the soil

An international seminar on soil and ecosystem services held in Turin Improving management of green infrastructures to increase the benefits and services they provide, intelligent solutions for increasing the presence of natural elements in urban areas, management and enhancement of peri-urban green areas, mapping and assessment of ecosystem services in the Alpine area, including their […]

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Annual project meeting

The results of the first year of work of SOS4Life and the activities planned. The annual meeting of SOS4Life was held on Thursday 28 September; an opportunity for all members of the technical staff working on project activities to come together and share the overall state of progress of work and lay the foundations for […]

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The “People4soil” European Citizens’ Initiative signatures have been handed in

Italy and Ireland reached the quorum for collecting signatures for #People4soil. This success was however not enough to achieve the initiative’s objective, but it was an important result in any case – highlighting the problem of soil consumption and the need for a European Directive that finally regulates soil protection and land take. The 212,000 […]

Soil day 2017 - CRCS

Soil Day – Soil consumption in Italy and Europe

The CRCS 2017 report: the contribution of SOS4Life On 4 July, the Polytechnic University of Milan played host to Soil Day, an event entirely dedicated to presenting the latest reports on land take and tackling the methods of measuring the phenomenon, the importance of the ecosystem services provided by soil and the evolution of national […]

SOS4LIFE-LIFE 25 years-17.05.2017

LIFE is 25 years old!

A quarter of a century dedicated to the environment and nature The European Union has been supporting actions favouring nature, the environment and climate for 25 years! To celebrate this important goal, which also marks a quarter of a century of the Habitat Directive and the Natura 2000 network of protected areas, the LIFE community […]

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Soil quality index: Stuttgart’s experience

Stuttgart’s Bodenindikation As part of the activities to monitor European best practices regarding no net land take and to improve urban resilience, the SOS4Life project organised a study visit to Stuttgart, a leading city in environmental policies for reducing soil consumption. Stuttgart is situated close to the Black Forest and the Neckar River, in a […]


Towards no net land take: which tools can be used?

Speakers’ interventions available online A day of analysis was held on 30 November, focusing on studies relating to land take and its impact on ecosystem services and the most advanced national administrative experiences on urban planning. In fact, during the meeting, which was held as part of the activities to monitor the best practices envisaged […]


Towards no net land take: which tools can be used?

On Wednesday 30 November, Bologna hosted a day of work and technical analysis dedicated to study experiences and best practices linked to the objective of no net land take. From urban regeneration policies to regulations to limit or eliminate consumption and from best practices to demonstrative de-sealing actions on urban soil, the meeting brought together […]