European projects aimed to protect the soil

An international seminar on soil and ecosystem services held in Turin

Improving management of green infrastructures to increase the benefits and services they provide, intelligent solutions for increasing the presence of natural elements in urban areas, management and enhancement of peri-urban green areas, mapping and assessment of ecosystem services in the Alpine area, including their assessment in pilot areas – these are just some of the themes SOS4Life tackled during a seminar organised by the Life SAM4CP project on 16 November in Turin. It also saw the involvement of MaGICLandscapes, Connecting Nature, Alpes and LOS-DAMA projects.

An opportunity for technical analysis that SOS4Life contributed to with a report by Costanza Calzolari and Fabrizio Ungaro of CNR-Ibimet and Stefano Bazzocchi of the Municipality of Forlì.