LIFE is 25 years old!

A quarter of a century dedicated to the environment and nature

The European Union has been supporting actions favouring nature, the environment and climate for 25 years!

To celebrate this important goal, which also marks a quarter of a century of the Habitat Directive and the Natura 2000 network of protected areas, the LIFE community is organising a series of events throughout Europe – to be held in May – that aim to recount the many project experiences that have helped to safeguard the environment and nature.

SOS4Life is taking part in celebrations by presenting the project to the Fulcieri Paulucci di Calboli Science High School in Forlì. An opportunity to speak to young people about the risks linked to land take and what could be the best practices to adopt in order to stem the disastrous effects of consumption from a climatic, hydrogeological and landscape point of view.

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